The fear of trust

Some 97% of sales professionals consider customer trust critical to their sales success. But when it comes to proposing to learn more about trust building, a typical retort is that they are already very good at it, otherwise they wouldn’t be in this position.

The other typical push back is that trust building is obvious. You just have to be honest, deliver what you promise and be focused on the customer’s best interest.

Yet, when we ask ‘how exactly do you build trust?’, ‘what exactly do you want your customers to trust you for?’, few are able to answer.

We call this the fear of trust. We know it is critical. But we also know that revealing ourselves as less trustworthy than we portray can be challenging. This is especially true in a sales context, where high confidence is important to sell.

Considering how critical trust is for customers to buy – it is typically the number 1 or 2 reason for choice, training in professional trust building needs to be viewed differently.

As human beings we are hard wired to be trust builders and some of us are more adept at it than others. All of us can therefore rest assured that no one of us truly sucks at it. We therefore look at our training in the context of

-          Optimising and maximising the trust building opportunities

-          Turning what is intuitive into a professional and conscious skill

You want to know the pay off?

How about

-          If you’re not the most trusted you simply won’t get the sale

-          The more you are trusted, the higher the buying propensity and the less time to convert

-          Trust drives your NPS and Sat scores, directly impacting your bonuses.

Should be reason enough to get over the fear and look at trust in a scientifically sound and practically proven manner.

By Stefan Grafe