The trivial pursuit of trust

When customers make the choice for one or another offer, trust is almost always the number 1 or 2 reason.

To gain this trust, we can imagine our customers being on a quest to find the pieces that allow them to trust us. Trusting us is as important for the customer as it is for us. Without that trust the customer wouldn’t be able to decide and never feel good about their decision. They would have to constantly control and question us in every detail. I am sure you had customers like that, too.

With our Hutrust® approach we call this the Trivial Pursuit of Trust. Just like a Trivial Pursuit game, out trust consists of 6 clear categories. And our customers assess all they see of us and experience with us in milliseconds against these categories.

If it fits the right category, they assess whether they want to trust for that. If they do, they check how well they can trust us for that.

Simple as that. That’s how trust works in our customer’s minds.

Now over to you to define all the pieces customers want to collect.