Being in a senior BD position and ‘having done it for decades’ are almost badges for some sales professionals. There is no questioning their skills and they’re the ones to look to for advice.

But when it comes to advice on how to LEARN how to build trust with customers, the answer is that it took them all these years to learn how to build high levels of trust  – and that’s a huge part of their success.

Blimey. For all you sales professionals with less than a few decades under your belt, that’s not a rosy outlook. Some 20 years ago we would have probably agreed with this assessment. But since then we have learned a lot about how trust forms physically and psychologically. In some respects you could say that the trust code has been cracked and that’s certainly true for our HuTrust® model.

Developed with the father of modern psychology, HuTrust® reveals six clear drivers of trust. Consciously understanding this logic of our customer’s trust and learning how to use it practically cuts the decades into a few weeks.