‘I have figured out how I am very successful in social media’, one mortgage broker of a large network announced to his colleagues. ‘People are not interested in factual stuff, but when I post more personal things, like photos of my family, I get many likes. Otherwise, and I tracked it, I don’t get any.’

Nevertheless, on further probing, we look more closely and found the many likes had done little for his business results.

Many digital and social media companies advise their clients to post and repost things they know are being liked and reposted, and they have libraries of stuff that is proven to achieve this. Many sales professionals and businesses rely on that to drive their social media and likes become the new currency. But in many cases the time and money invested is lost, if not counterproductive.

Sure, likes give you some kind of awareness and you can gauge how many people looked at it, but look at yourself and what you do and you will soon find that liking things make you no more likely to buy from his person or company.

Some of the most useful content that makes me more likely to buy from one over another I would never have considered liking or reposting. It is content that that tells me things that are relevant and useful to me. It is content that enables me to trust this company or person more.

Seeing on LinkedIn that a mortgage broker or sales person had their 9th work anniversary with the company drives my trust. They obviously are steady and successful. Seeing that he or she has recently attended a seminar and shares a one line key outtake with me makes me trust her or him more to keep up and develop well in the future. Seeing how she helped one of her clients get into their own home despite complications makes me trust in her vision.

That’s nothing I would ever hit the like button for or comment on, but it has a huge impact on my buyer behaviour. 

We need to stop chasing the false currency of likes and clicks. Often it is those things that don’t get a social media response that gets the highest trust building and revenue response.