Analyse, optimise and track trust with HuTrust®

Trust analysis is conducted either qualitatively or quantitatively. Qualitative trust analysis involves consumer, customer and stakeholder interviews and/or focus groups & workshops. HuTrust® is used to identify competitive strengths and weaknesses across the 6 facets that are then explored and defined to identify the best opportunities to drive trust and differentiate. The results and resulting optimisation can then be quantified to predict the impact and ensure that investment is allocated in the most efficient manner.

Using trust in your research makes it possible to use trust as an indicator that is proven to be linked to performance. If you already have satisfaction or propensity to recommend (Advocacy/NPS) as KPIs, then trust provides you with an additional (and often more practical) lever to drive your KPIs.

In tracking, HuTrust® is used on a generic and tailored level to track the competition and own progress. Tracking can be included in your balance scorecard to connect HuTrust®improvements to business outcomes and other KPIs.


See some of our insight in this Brand is Trust presentation below: